5 Pop Punk Songs You Should Hear

Posted: by Ryan Manns


Love it or hate it, Pop-Punk is often nostalgic. For many people it was some of the first rock music they started following, and if you’re anything like me, you’re still in love with it, for better or for worse. Through sickness and health. You promised to love and support… you get the idea.

Check out these 5 pop punk tracks from the last few years that you might’ve been missing out on.


Banner Pilot – ‘Spanish Reds’

I’ll start this list by hitting you with something that sounds like a classic pop punk hit. Banner Pilot sounds like Bowling For Soup’s slightly more serious little brother. ‘Spanish Reds’ is in my opinion their strongest tune, it’s just so catchy with just enough grunge to keep its inherent brightness in line.

Tom Delonge – ‘New World’

Pop-Punk Giant Tom Delonge latest album To The Stars… Demos, Odds and Ends does indeed contain a lot of odds and ends, but it’s not without its own valuables. “New World” is what I want Angels and Airwaves to sound like, minimal fuss with the synthesizers, quick pace, and tasty guitar hooks.

Neck Deep – ‘Serpents’

Don’t ask me why but Neck Deep reminds me a little bit of Yellowcard, It’s got to be the vocals. ‘Serpents’ is a song about, (what else?), a girl. Plot twist though, she’s the worst. This definitely-not-a-love-song has that grinding fiery guitar sound mixed with that bitter pop punk aftertaste that we all love.

Candy Hearts – ‘Bad Idea’

Catchy, fun, and just straight up adorable, the Candy Hearts embody everything lovable about Pop Punk. Mariel Loveland’s got a voice that’s true to both her and the band’s name, it’s cherry pop at its finest and sweeter than candy. Now shut up and love them.

Mixtapes – ‘Bad Parts’

Mixtapes are masters of the classic pop punk whine, don’t know what I’m talking about? Give this a listen and it will all come flooding back to you. What makes this song so cool for me is under all the usual pop punk nonsense, you can hear A lot of genuine musical talent. I highly recommend it.

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