Photography + Review: Underoath, Spiritbox, Bad Omens, and Stray from the Path

Posted: by The Editor

When Underoath originally disbanded in 2013, it felt as though a piece of our upbringing was permanently gone. Underoath were a massive brick in the foundation of 2000’s emo and remain a staple in the post hardcore community. When Underoath returned in 2015, their eighth album, Erase Me, marked the first release since their departure from the “Christian” label that had been placed on their band for so long. It was clear that Underoath was ready to (we can say this now) fucking rock. Digging deep into the darkest parts of their brains, we got a taste of what the reborn band was capable of and after a few years of touring, we were all left wondering “what’s next?” The answer to that is their latest release, Voyeurist. While Erase Me took their problems by the horns, Voyeurist explores the numbness that follows and begs the question “Why even bother?”

After Voyeurist was released, the band geared up for another round of touring. Originally announced with support from the acclaimed hardcore act Every Time I Die and the latest metal heat seekers Spiritbox, a tumultuous breakup from Every Time I Die found Spiritbox being bumped up and replacement acts Stray From the Path and Bad Omens being added. Replacing Every Time I Die is no easy task, but both Stray from the Path and Bad Omens brought wave after wave of crowdsurfers and circle pits to get everyone energized. Spiritbox required no introduction and from the moment they opened with Rule of Nines, fans were already pouring over the barricade. With a quick 30 minute setlist that packed a punch, Spiritbox took the stage by force and prepared the House of Blues crowd for Underoath. Before the band walked out to the hard hitting notes of the Voyeurist album opener “Damn Excuses”, a brief message was played telling us to breathe, look around at each other, and take in the moment while we were observed by two members on stage wearing LED masks. This tour is a treat for fans with a setlist that perfectly balances the songs we grew up with and the new songs we see and feel our grown up selves in. After a fifteen song set, the crowd shook themselves off and cleared out of the pit. While the night may be over, we had our photographer Kyle at the Boston date to capture the night. Check out his pictures while you stream Voyeurist below!



Kyle Musser//@godvfwine