5 Bands For Your Party Playlist

Posted: by Ryan Manns

Have you run out of music to play at parties? Are you sick and tired of hearing the same Drake track over and over because you have no idea what else to play? Let us help you out with some party appropriate indie music, that won’t bore your friends or bring down the mood.


This band is one of my all time favorites,  and their discography is one song to party to after another. I personally like “Kill em with kindness” “Shave my head” and “Angst”.  These songs are some of the best examples of that SLØTFACE  bouncy indy vibe that resonates through all their tracks and will leave you bobbing your head through entire albums.

Boxed Wine

A Band who’s sole purpose in life seems to be making you dance and laugh, Boxed Wine’s fun-loving sound works well as both background music or the main event. My personal favorites from this group are definitely “Into the Nite” and “Cannibal”. These songs have a cute pop-y guitar sound and super-singable lyrics which really puts them at the top of my party playlist.

The Bouncing Souls

The Bouncing Souls are the kings of the NJ sing along punk scene. They have been doing it for about 30 years at this point, and in that time they have churned out some classic tracks. A personal favorite is ‘Lean on Sheena’ but you really cant go wrong with any of their hits.


Everything college rock should be, this skate/garage punk band has that timeless sound that you can tell is going stick around for ages. You can party to almost all of their songs, and each one of them is charming in their own way. A few of my party picks would be “40oz on Repeat” and “Why Generation” for their catchy tunes and singable pop-punk style lyrics.

The Wombats

Raucous, obnoxious, pub rock from Liverpool, this 3 piece outfit will make you spill your beer dancing. They have so many good songs to choose from, but the two that always make it onto my party playlist are “Lets Dance To Joy Division” and “Moving to New York”. They do a marvelous job of making you feel like you’re part of seedy English debauchery, something any self-respecting football hooligan would be proud of.