5 Songs To Listen To:

Posted: by Ryan Manns

Stale music is a lot like stale fast food, its exactly the same as it was a week ago, and that’s kinda why you don’t want it anymore. Don’t worry though I’m here to help you find something new that you just might like, music though, not fast food. I’ll save that for another article. Here are 5 tracks you should give a listen:

Heyrocco – “Virgin”

If Nirvana had a little brother it would Heyrocco. Borrowing their sound from the 90s grunge band, these guys deliver some great tunes with a great energy, and a lot of angst. I like “Virgin” off of Teenage Movie Soundtrack. Growling their way through catchy lyrics Heyrocco stays true to record title, “Virgin” certainly does sound like something off the soundtrack to your favorite teen party movie.

Grip Grand – “Poppin’ Pockets”

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t give Hip-Hop the attention it deserves, but every once in a while a Hip-Hop song becomes impossible to ignore. This is one of those. It’s an older track but with an incredible beat, and a flow so smooth you could slip on it, “Poppin’ Pockets” will be running through your head for days. Hard to believe it’s a remix.

Diamond Youth – “Sunburn”

Look all I’m saying is that Diamond Youth should be bigger than they are. They remind me a bit of Neon Trees, with relatively unique vocals on the forefront and the instrumentals playing more of a backup role, but with a harder edge than Neon Trees. Check out “Sunburn” off of Don’t Lose Your Cool for what I think is one of their better songs. Its catchy, It’s sexy,  and its got an interesting change up in the pace.

Street Chant – “Sink”

An interesting mix of what sounds like Sex Pistols guitar riffs and a lead singer who sounds like she’d rather be surfing, this group from Auckland, New Zealand might just rock off those socks of yours. My pick has got to be “Sink” off of Hauora, because I’m a sucker for an organized punk sound. The band really lives up to their name in this one with that catchy “Oo oo oo OOoooo” vocal hook they’ve got that just won’t get out of brain.

Gossip – “Heavy Cross”

I had to venture deep into my Itunes from a long time ago, (very scary place, a lot of Evanescence there) to get this for you guys but I think it was worth it. Gossip has this really interesting sound, with a blend of some kind of Rock-Gospel and cherry red guitar riffs. Gossip is not afraid to take a few risks and it shows in “Heavy Cross” Take a listen.

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