Dogwood Tales – ‘Earth and Sky’ Premiere

Posted: by Henderson

Dogwood Tales are an indie folk band from Virginia. Dogwood Tales’ debut 7″ will be out via Geneva Records this August, but for now check out the first single “Earth and Sky’ a calming listen below.

“Earth and Sky” is the perfect song to listen to at night, on a walk with the only light being the moon and stars. It’s pace won’t leave you behind, making sure to create an aura of warmth with soft introspections acting like their own tangible presence.


From the artist:

“Earth and Sky was the first time Ben and I wrote a song with the intent of it being played as just the two of us with only our voices and guitars. When we started the band, all we really set out to do was sing together. We initially had another member but after awhile, we felt that the only time we had fun was when it was just the two of us playing. Earth and Sky was the first song we wrote as a duet, and we really loved it because we weren’t trying to do anything other than what we originally intended to do: just play and sing together. It’s a song we love returning to after long breaks away from it. Lyrically, Ben and I both have our own attachment to lines that always makes it feel honest when playing live. When writing the lyrics, I’m not sure if I really had any one thing in mind. I was playing guitar in my brother’s old room which made me think about him. That’s probably where the image came from in the song. It’s just a song full of mixed emotions. It is everything above my head and below my feet, just sitting in between. I like to think about writing lyrics with less conclusions, and just more speculation. I think Ben and I find our common ground within our wonder. It’s the first song we wrote for this little collection so it feels right being the opening track to introduce our new means of writing, recording, and existing as just the two of us for now.”