Bleak Falls – “Rider” Song Premiere

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Full of ambition and youthful energy, Bleak Falls are dipping their toes in the music industry today. From now on, their lives are forever changed. Their combination of various indie rocks influences help create a sulking, lo-fi atmosphere. The sound is rather amorphous, taking different puzzle pieces to a song and seeing where Bleak Falls fit. Bleak Life is their EP, “Rider” is their first single. The lyrics are choppy, strung together thoughts beaming through an easy mold tune. Stream it below, and also read what the song is about! The band’s first show is June 12th; all Michigan readers, you know what to do! 

 Band quote: “While we were writing Bleak Life, I was listening to a lot of Pavement, Built to Spill, and early Modest Mouse, and I think that really bleeds through on ‘Rider.’ When it came time to record, we decided to go completely DIY and mix/master/record the EP ourselves. With minimal equipment and knowledge comes certain challenges you have to face, but I think that only forced us to be more creative in our approach to songwriting. Luckily, we knew two great musicians Dan Pardi (Northerner) and Nick Ranger (The Tiny Ugly Germs) that had recorded their own records before and were always there to help with any questions or problems we had. Following the release of Bleak Life, we plan on doing a short 5-day run spread out over Michigan and will be heading into the studio to begin recording our LP shortly after.” – AJ Boundy