4 Bands To Listen To

Posted: by Ryan Manns

Sometimes you just need some new music to listen to. Here are a few bands that I have been digging recently. Hope you enjoy!

The Beths

The Beths are the best thing out of New Zealand since The Lord of the Rings. This group’s sound focuses on the lead guitar’s riffs and voice of frontwoman Elizabeth Stokes. Stokes’ voice is somehow both dreamy and girl-next-door at the same time, which makes for an enchanting combination. “Idea/Intent” off their EP Warm Blood is their fastest song yet and the one that really caught my ear, but listen to the whole EP and you won’t regret it.


Sounding a bit like SilverSun Pickup this alt rock group relies on trancelike repetitive elements during their verses and then dresses up their choruses with a lot of flair that really grabs your attention. “Calexico” is a great example of this technique perfectly executed. What really did it for me in this particular song was the southwest vibe mixed with a more traditional alt rock sound that had me listening to it on repeat. 

The Colorist

Fun indie party pop, The Colourist has a sound that lives up to their name. Fast paced and dancey, they make excellent use of their dual vocalists Adam Castilla and Maya Tuttle in many of their tracks. In particular I like “We Won’t Go Home”. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a sucker for that call-and-answer style of vocals, but it’s just so well executed here, the effects on Tuttle’s voice make for a cool sounding pre-chorus.

Maggie Rogers

Let me start by saying that this audio is ripped from a much longer video, and that Maggie Rogers herself has not uploaded this song herself, but I just couldn’t wait to share it. Support her, she’s an incredibly talented young woman here’s her Soundcloud. That being said this track incredible. Dance and folk inspired? Just… check it out.

Written by Ryan Manns

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