Darkturn ‘The Common Doom’ Premiere

Posted: by Henderson

Premiering the new Darkturn track “The Common Doom” off their upcoming record Maw out on July 8th on Sad Cactus Records. Despite the obvious darkness of their band name and the haunting lyrical content, “The Common Doom” is a beachy and moody guitar driven track. This dichotomy makes for an interesting listening experience and the warm vocals leave me excited to hear the rest of the EP. But don’t underestimate the track’s complexity, these guys are putting a ton of thought into what they say it and the flowing moods within their tracks. Listen to the track below and get ready for the EP’s release next week.

From the band:

“‘The Common Doom’ is a song that aims to sum up all that is truly wonderful and sociologically insightful about formulaic scary films and slasher flicks. It’s about the joy of schadenfreude when seeing despicable stereotypes build until they are murdered. It’s about the vain self-regard of being in your twenties, on your way to, but not yet consumed by, the depreciation of middle-age and middle-classdom. In short, it’s a song that thinks that if being young doesn’t kill you then growing a family will, and whether you stake your life on hedonistic youth or the comforts of familial life, both are haunted by the same terminal monster.”

Preorder the EP now on cassette or digitally on the Sad Cactus store!