Surf Hypnosis – “Another Wound” Premiere

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Surf Hypnosis could not have come at a better time. “Another Wound” is a pleasant surprise wrapped in a hypnotic pop beat and crooning vocals. The song is soft, presenting itself in a melancholic fashion with two separate vocal tracks colliding with each other. It’s the kind of song that one could listen to, close their eyes and feel the guitar chords ring inside them; aching for a way to make trouble disappear. The song is featured on an upcoming compilation from Too Far Gone Records. This compilation — out 6/24 — is in celebration of the label’s third year, featuring 28 songs from a variety of bands. Listen to the song below, pick up a copy of the cassette compilation (which is stacked with great artists) and remember that if you want to purchase it digitally, all proceeds going to v-day, a group which works to end violence against women and girls.


Track list: 

side a
1. soar – “in the bed”
2. shakusky. – “behind a window”
3. street sity surf – “josh’s song (champ night)”
4. cllct yrself – “teeth (alt.)”
5. cat be damned – “logan (cover)”
6. surf hypnosis – “another wound (demo)”
7. middle part – “stay mad”
8. i hate sex – “old new girlfriend”
9. cape farewell – “sin eater”
10. eat strike – “skill forest”
11. emo side project – “haunted (beyonce cover)”
12. oxblood – “ryan (demo)”
13. dæphne – “sharpness is the game i play”
14. tatami – “in the world”

side b:

1. turny les – “dear my washington”
2. lady queen paradise – “siren song”
3. nick stutsman – “softer”
4. dump him – “tonight (cover)”
5. blood orphans – “die horizontal (4 track demo)”
6. boy rex – “john mayer’s free fallin’ (cover)”
7. ethan uhl – “who is me?”
8. contron – “tired of me”
9. tombo crush – “teeth”
10. shari heck – “day night cycle”
11. tall friend – “natural thing”
12. armando martins – “high school iii”
13. holy shadow – “blacking out at BWI”