The Language – “Detest” Video Premiere

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Instead of lunch, why not have a plate of sonic dissonance instead? The Language are serving that dish with grueling vocals, thick layers of instrumentation and frenzied drum work on “Detest.” There’s a slight detection of sludge riding through the feedback of the guitars natural pulse. The slow, punchy progressions are met with crushing, syncopated drum works helping accent each other’s parts. This single is accompanied with a video below, along with a string of tour dates with Pissed On. “Detest” is a part of an EP, Let The Birds Be Your Eyes, due out July 15th via Little Heart Records. This lunch might be the grimiest hardcore I have heard in a minute.


Band Quote: “Detest is about feeling trapped making decisions for other people and sacrificing your own happiness and values to fit in and conform with people who are making you a worse version of yourself because it’s all you’ve known. It’s about making progress with yourself and becoming a version of yourself that isn’t influenced by other people and ridding yourself of the people dragging you down.” — Lucas Bowers