The Planet You + Polyphony Tour

Posted: by Henderson

There are some bands that take it up a notch when they play live. The music is better, the performance is live, and after seeing them you have a new appreciation for their music. The Planet You and Polyphony are two of those type of bands. They are headed out on tour together and I am certain it is going to be a good one. Better yet, they released a split together called Art Is Useless that you can listen to now on Bandcamp! Below are the tour dates and some links to listen up to the new tracks before you go. 

Tour Facebook Event

The Planet You combine energetic mathy instrumentals with a punk rock explosiveness and launching live performance. They’re cooking up a debut LP, and I am definitely excited for the new material. 

PolyPhony are a genre blend themselves, combining math with hardcore, not something you usually hear. The combination produces an explosion of energy. Both of these bands are band to bring energy to complex musical structures in a way few bands can achieve. It is definitely worth seeing if only to admire their technical ability.