ORBS – “Exploded Birds” and their Upcoming LP ‘Past Life Regression’

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

ORBS is the collaborative effort members from Between The Buried & Me and Fear Before The March Of Flames. Where those bands were progressive in nature, ORBS takes that an extra step farther on their newest track “Exploded Birds.” The song is structured much like a frantic journey and narrated through growing up. Adam Fisher captures this anecdotal approach with a chilling vocal performance, pairing the arctic chill of the song.

“It starts real optimistic and youthful and ends quite melancholy and defeated,” Fisher states. Recognizing the song’s over anxious pace, Fisher fell in love with matching the mood of the song. Fisher continues, “I wanted to match the energy of the music with my experiences from youth to adult. I wrote the last segment really just missing those youthful experiences thinking of my siblings.” Even more impressive is how Fisher was able to match the two major tonal shifts, like accidentally taking the wrong exit at the highway and ending up in a better — more sullen and serene — place. 

“Exploded Birds” has two separate movements. The first one is a piano styled tap dance utilizing each note as a pivotal mark in the overall movement, gaining foreground with distorted guitars as the piece builds. Dan Briggs discussed the composition aspect for a song as vivid as this, “I wanted to approach it like a rhapsody, where it’s these two pieces conjoined to form kind of a larger thematic piece.” Briggs and Ashley Ellyllon worked together in allowing the track to breathe with two separate pairs of lungs. Their soundscape takes listeners on a journey, with Briggs adding, “With the music I think that’s something our songs have always had; that shift in dynamics and tone, time and tempo modulations. Ashley has always been great for me to write off of because she kind of tames me down, she’s helped me see the song better standing back and looking at it. But at the same time, I’m always encouraging her and tempting her to move outside the box and so it’s a great dynamic do building these songs that have sort of atypical arrangements.”

After crafting such an inventive track, listeners are prepared for their full length Past Life Regression via Hogweed & Fugue Records out on July 15th. Preorder it here! 

Briggs – “We recorded this album three years ago, paying for it and producing it ourselves and there were some times along the way where we could have been bleak about things; but we got to work with amazing people along the way who acted like our warriors throughout the process and lifted us when we needed it. Whether that was Will Yip coming in with fresh ears and being excited and enthusiastic about the material we had recorded, or the artistic contributions from Reid Haithcock and Corey Meyers to bring the album to life visually, or working with our Equal Vision family to get the album out; it gave us a boost at different intervals along the way.”