Johnny Manna – ‘Here Lies Hope’ Video Premiere

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Dressed in dark clothes and facing the bitter cold is Johnny Manna. In Manna’s newest single “Here Lies Hope,” the acoustic singer/songwriter tackles the toughest feelings that plague peoples minds. The song was written about Manna’s grandma passing away in 2014, forcing the singer to deal with something that on a grand scale of things, is pretty hard to cope with. “You can see how that changes you as a person and how you come out of dealing with something like that,” Manna states. After the events have settled, there is still the wherewithal of preparing yourself for other moments of that scale.

Having released one single in September, Manna continued to keep on writing, building up for a full length to drop in June. Manna, having dealt with new realities and the harsh qualities of life, decided to write a record that echoes the transformation of having dealt with tragedy. Manna explains, “As you go through life, becoming more overwhelmed with the world and becoming more aware of everything happens, having to change and adapt yourself in order to cope with the new things that come into your life. You don’t always want to make those changes. Sometimes those changes are things you don’t like but have to do them anyways just to get through life. Once you make those changes you can’t go back, you can’t feel the way you used too.”

With all this on the artist’s plate, the record is aptly titled: The World Won’t Take Me Back — out June 14th. This emulates the concluding idea for Manna that people often forget when they had to learn to adapt to the world. These moments strip people’s youthful innocence and detail the struggle of trying to find your way back. It’s an overall collective on the strifes of life, and Manna’s slowed down tunes mirror a reflective tone in the voice— ringing out with bitter potency. It’s a bit wiry, clashing with the nylon strings of the guitar like a fencing match. Check out the video below and stay tuned for more form the artist as June rolls in. That final breath that Manna takes as the video comes to a close? Absolutely bone chilling,