5 Bands To Listen To

Posted: by Steven Lalonde

Meat Wave:

Meat Wave arguably put out one of the most addicting LP’s of 2015, with their debut Delusion Moon. Backed by the 2 EP’s they released in 2012 and earlier in 2015, Meat Wave provide an album that is simply a rush of slashing guitar riffs and entrancing melodies that will leave you wanting more. Some may think that the name Meat Wave suggests a party punk sort, but this trio from Chicago is something smarter and sleeker than that. Portrayed through their arrangements of catchy guitar licks, subtle yet compact drums and boyishly elaborate vocals, Meat Wave are a true pulse-pounding, noisy joy to listen to.

FFO: Beach Slang, Plague Vendor


Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Bad//Dreems are considered by some to be an “outsider rock” band. Take it how you like, but with their rough and tumble, jangled sound — stemming mostly from the 80’s Australian underground rock scene — Bad//Dreems provide their audience with a raw yet heartfelt sound. Led by frontman Ben Marwe, the band released it’s first EP in the summer of 2013 and have not looked back since. In 2015 the band released their first full-length with Dogs at Bay; an in-your-face 80’s pub rock album that delivers on both catchiness and attitude.

FFO: The Replacements, The Saints, Wipers


Coming to your from the Great White North of Ontario Canada is the Toronto based punk band PUP. Filled with attitude, energy and perfectly orchestrated guitar riffs, PUP gained the respect of the Canadian punk rock scene with their self-titled debut in 2013. Led by vocalist Stefan Babcock, PUP craft a unique blend of hard, fast-paced vocals along crashing percussion-guitar combo that will leave you with a big grin on your face when it’s all said and done. The band have spent most of the last 2 years touring and have released three singles for their upcoming LP The Dream is Over, due out 05/27, 2016. Simply put, PUP might just be the best band you’re NOT listening to. 

Editors Note: Their new album is streaming, it’s brilliant. Here you go.

FFO: The Dirty Nill, Beach Slang, Joyce Manor

Cloud Nothings:

What began initially as a solo project with lead singer Dylan Baldi recording vocals and instruments on his own has quickly blossomed into one of the most listenable bands out there. Their latest full length, Here and Nowhere Else, was released in 2014. The fast paced, non-stop, lo-fi album is relentless in providing songs with larger than life hooks. More recently, Cloud Nothings collaborated with Wavves and released No Life For Me in 2015. Although no news has been announced recently as to whether an upcoming LP is in the works, be on the lookout for Cloud Nothings to continue making strides.

FFO: Wavves, Yuck, Titus Andronicus


Whether you consider Counterparts as a “metalcore” or “hardcore” band, the fact remains; there’s no denying they have continually improved with each release. Last year’s Tragedy Will Find Us, demonstrated how well the band streamlined their sound. Not to say that Counterparts have ever been uncoordinated or disorganized, but since their first release, Prophets (2010), it’s evident that the band — lineup changes aside — have cleaned up their sound. The Ontario quintet removed a lot of the filler with each subsequent release. If you’ve never listened to Counterparts, but want a taste of fast, emotionally driven, melodic hardcore, stop putting it off.

FFO: Misery Signals, The Ghost Inside