The Manx – ‘Shimmering Ancient Wisdom’ Premiere

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Sometimes bands step outside the norms of genres and it is a refreshing wind of music. Then there are times that a band is so far out of the genre that it is hard to even scale the genre to fit them. The Manx are a bit eclectic, to say the least. Their sound is entirely based around chaos, like most punk or screamo, but their energy is driven out of instruments not normal to the genre’s standards. And you know what? It makes it THAT much more fantastic. Folk instruments, five different vocalists, frantic atmospheres and an Oingo Boingo vibe. Voyage In Bad Taste will be released digitally on July 1st. But for now, take a peek at “Shimmering Ancient Wisdom” below. The track is one of my favorites, possessing a quick 1 2 3 4 5 punch over and over again.


“Shimmering Ancient Wisdom is a futuristic surf song about the fall of Christianity. You find yourself dead in a dolphin bang-cave, but by the end of the song you’ve gathered enough strength to re-animate and blast yourself out of the rocky doom coffin.”

(editor’s note: some of these boys do animation for Uncle Grandpa & other animated shows. How fucking cool)