Five Underrated Songs By Five Underrated Bands

Posted: by Ryan Manns

I’m staring at my iPod again, riding the bus and skipping every single song, how did I get here again? It’s not that the music isn’t good, I handpicked all of it, I love every song on this thing, but I just find myself wanting something new every now and again. Because I love you, I have put together a small list of 5 songs I love, by 5 bands I love, to keep you from suffering the same fate.


In case you haven’t heard them yet, you have got to be listening to Bully, a four piece punk rock outfit from Nashville. They have this raw aggression about them that so many iconic punk bands do, but they do it without relying too heavily on doom and gloom. Their latest record, Feels Like, is mostly an upbeat piece, but one of the songs that really stood out to me was “I Remember.” Catchy riffs and a fast beat while frontwoman Alicia Bognanno sings her lungs out are just a few reasons I really enjoyed this one.


Huge in their hometown basement scene of New Brunswick, NJ is ROMP, who just released their first record with Bad Timing Records, titled Departure From Venus, probably because it’s OUT OF THIS WORLD. Seriously, this record is a shining achievement of the New Brunswick underground scene. Perhaps my favorite track of the album is the title track, “Departure from Venus.” This fuzzy pop-punk song is some most heartfelt, oddly emotional, songwriting I’ve encountered in a while.


Its only a matter of time before the cat’s out of the bag and Kitten is playing Madison Square Garden. Kitten is an Indie rock group formed in Los Angeles in 2009, and boy if L.A. was a personified as a band, it would be Kitten. Combining West Coast punk and 80’s over-the-top glam vibes, Kitten continues to gather momentum. However, the song that really grabbed my attention was “Chinatown,” off their EP Sunday School. The guitar that drives this song won’t get out of my head.


All the way from Norway, Sløtface made it onto my iPod. This indie pop unit, built their sound around what sounds like 90’s college party pop. Now I know that’s a very specific description but give this song “Shave My Head” a listen and maybe it will justify it a little bit. Haley Shea’s riot grrrl voice bleeds over some really fun riffs that make you ask yourself where you’ve heard them before; tying this song together really nicely.

The Bohicas

Finally, join the swarm of people already listening to the up and coming, fast paced rock group The Bohicas. These guys will take you to the edge of your seat and keep you there with their album The Making Of. Without question my personal favorite off the record is “Where You At.” A distinctive guitar part and an intensity that doesn’t quit, this song just makes you wanna bust out your old guitar and just wail on it for an hour straight.

Written by Ryan Manns
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