Fluffer – ‘Monolith’ Mixtape Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

One of the best tracks from 2015 was a glam pop rock song named “Monolith” by a band who call themselves Fluffer. The sonic textures sparkled as much as their video blasted my face with glitter. The booming guitars amplified my inner need to find happiness in life, because the song was its own life to any party β€” especially in my living room at early hours in the morning. The ending groove was enough to even get my roommate to chime in with “what the hell is going on” and spontaneously chug that last beer and feel the vibes. It is the perfect start to any day, the perfect party song and the perfect chill at home and nod your head song; it’s just the perfect song. Now, everyone can enjoy what Fluffer is about with their mixtape Monolith.

Being a simple teaser for a grander LP to be released later this year, Monolith provides listeners with five glimpses of everything right in the world about Fluffer. Their too good to be true catchy tunes snap and clap your ears with lighthearted, anthemic boasts of sonic euphoria. It’s a similar feeling to being able to tune in to your inner pulse throughout your entire body. It’s uplifting, spirit fulfilling and eargasm dazzling. Fluffer’s ability to audibly tell narratives simply by the rhythm of their music makes it that much more fun to listen and indulge in. It’s engaging in all the right ways and incredibly gifted at making you prolong your stay. “Bombay” is drone like in appearance, constantly having an ambiance transcend everything else happening. The synthesizers are syncopated to their own rhythm while the drums are flickering in the background, meshing together to bombard the senses before the vocals come and take you away on your own magical carpet ride. It’s these break downs of rhythmic sparks that unsettle the brain in the right way.

“Panda” is the shredding of everything around you, corrupting the senses with charm. The contagious melodies rolling through the song are easy to get lodged in the brain, sticking out like the tail after successfully being pinned on the donkey. “We like to party” cries out Fluffer, and their songs do too. Make sure you don’t miss out on the sonic bombs Fluffer drops in that song either. Their mesh of auto-tuned and pitch shifted vocals are done tastefully, never becoming a nuisance and rather helping create a dynamic in the musical shifts of the tune. Especially how the diving, booming drops are contrasted next to high end digitally affected vocals. 

As if Monolith wasn’t already dripping with sonic gold, their are two live songs featured on the mixtape as well. “Obelisk” takes the listener away on an acid tinged journey through the realms of all space. “Bombay” is just as glittery and fantastic live as it is recorded, showcasing Fluffer’s ability to be at one with their art. If I could make one grand comparison to quiet all of my overwhelming thoughts of how great Fluffer is, I would say they are the James Bond of dance music; being calculative, dashing and unbelievably cunning. Everything is dialed in to perfection on Monolith, and I would not have expected anything less.

Score: πŸ’Ž/10

the band is currently on tour and playing bass is Jacob Sigman!