Pelvis – ‘House Man’ Song Premiere

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Throwing dreamy textures with a dazzly twang, Pelvis blend their music with urgent vocals. It’s the right kind of driving power in the rhythm section that packs multiple punches. “House Man” is a glimpse at how incredibly dissonant yet elegant the band’s sound is. The guitars are ferocious in their ability to absolutely distort the mix, it just works. Here’s a quote about the song, and listen below.

“House Man is about being lonely, disappointed and living with the choices you’ve made. For me, writing “House Man” was about trying to reconcile a relationship with yourself and loved ones in the face of making selfish decisions and being a shitty person. A lot of the content on “RIP” comes from my experience living in Japan in 2012, the most isolating and alien experience I have ever had.” – Pelvis

House Man was written and performed by Pelvis
Engineered and mixed by John Kirchner
Masted by Matt Baltrucki
To be released on Really Rad Records 2016