Hurry – ‘Guided Meditation’ Review

Posted: by Alex

Hurry’s second full length Guided Meditation is of the more aptly titled records I’ve ever heard. The title evokes a feeling of calmness, and that same feeling is ever present throughout the record. Hurry, lead by vocalist Matt Scottoline, have created a record that juxtaposes the serene mundanity of life with the annoying anxieties that same life provides.

Lyrically, the album is not complex. However, it conveys much of the worrying that goes into daily life. For instance, on the opening track “Nothing to Say,” Scottoline sings “There’s no way we are doing this/What’s the point of it?” On the other hand, the next track, “When I’m With You,” is a straightforward, poppy love song, where Scottoline sings “I don’t even have to try when I’m with you.

In these songs, and throughout the album, Scottoline’s vocals lend to the calm suggested by the record. Soothing harmonies lend credence to lyrics and making them hit home much harder, like on “Fascination” where he sings “Why is my anxiety continuing to cripple me?” and on “Shake it Off” where he sings “I say good afternoon and something’s always wrong.” In its powerpop style, the guitars on Guided Mediation provide just as much towards the soothing feeling of the record. On songs like “Fascination” and “Wanna Be You,” these guitars take the forefront over relatively simple yet entirely effective drum patterns.

Evoking a style combining elements across genres and reminiscent of everyone from the Promise Ring to Weezer to the Beach Boys, Hurry have crafted an album that satisfies in every respect. While it may clock in a little short at nine songs, not a second is wasted on this beachy pop record.


For Fans Of: The Beach Boys, Weezer, beaches

You can buy the record from Lame-O Records or from the Hurry Lifestyle Shop. You can also follow Hurry on Twitter, which I highly recommend.