10 Bands To Listen To

Posted: by Henderson

A half-baked last minute music list for you all. Take my advice, listen to this music.

Rozwell Kid – Bandcamp
Rozwell Kid are a slacker comedy set to music. Ace Ventura references ahoy. Also there are songs about sailing off to the land of imagination, and eating hummus.

Prince Daddy And The Hyena – Bandcamp
These guys have the stoner slacker punk vibe down. Albany’s finest put out a EP last year that I’m still screaming along to. The Futurama sample hits the mark.

Jank – Bandcamp
Jank are the self-proclaimed Bad Boys of Weed Pop, and guess what they have a new music video about an imaginary dog. They also have a song called “Weed Is Tight” yep. Listen up.

Jeff The Brotherhood – Wasted On The Dream
Jeff are great for chilling out with some classic rock n roll guitar vibes. Their 2015 album Wasted On The Dream especially. No other band takes me back to 70s rock like they do.

Hurry – Bandcamp
The new Hurry tracks are the ultimate sunny warm beach vibe. Maybe where you are its cold, it’s only April, but these songs will take your chill to another level. The new album is called Guided Meditation I mean comeon.

Run The Jewels – RTJ2
I’m pretty sure Killer Mike is the king of 4/20 (it’s also his birthday), plus add in some El P and you have 2 of the best in the game.

Torche – Bandcamp
Sludgy trippy guitar vibes? Check. Mind numbing song writing. Check. Listen to Torche do it.

Colleen Green Hill – Bandcamp
Forgot to include Colleen Green on this list intially and went back and added them as fast as I could. There is simply no one that conveys the feeling of slacking off and not giving a shit what other people think like her. A true champion.

LKFFCT – Bandcamp
I’m convinced LKFFCT (“Lake Effect”) emerged from the swamps of Jersey in a cloud of haze. Their music has the feeling of a warm high but endeavors lyrically into our deepest darkest thoughts and anxieties.

Donovan Wolfington – Bandcamp
This list would be slacking itself if we didn’t include Don Wolf. This New Orleans crew is a party vortex catapulting itself into your ears and throwing a rager in your mind. Also they have a video about smoking a Gandalf pipe and getting ripped. Get on it.