ManDancing To Release Album On Little Game Records

Posted: by Henderson

Photo By: Kelsey Ayres

Photo By: Kelsey Ayres

ManDancing are one of our favorite new NJ bands. When a band is frequently compared to Manchester Orchestra and Kevin Devine, you know its about to be good stuff. This post is to announce that they will be re-releasing their LP “Everyone Else” on April 27th on the newly formed Little Game Records!! The album will be available on cassette and digitally and you can preorder it now!

ManDancing are touring to celebrate the signing starting with a release show on the 29th!

4/29 Naner Manor – New Brunswick NJ (with Henrietta, Fire Is Motion, Puddle Splasher)
4/30 Mantua Yacht Club – Philly PA
5/3 The Helium Hays – Falls Church VA
5/4 The Mix Gallery – Richmond VA

This is also such a cool announcement because we get to introduce you to a completely new label founded by some awesome musicians.

If you haven’t heard of Little Game Records yet, that’s understandable. This is their first release! Founded by Lucas Dalakian (ROMP) in March 2016, Little Game Records hopes to lend a helping hand to bands whose music they personally believe in.
“Over the past year or so I’ve heard a lot of records and thought someone should make tapes/vinyl/CD for this or that band and they would really benefit from that,” Dalakian explained. “It’s tough for bands to be business-minded or even know how to put their music through the right outlets and work with press. I want to jump start some excellent records because I don’t think having business knowledge should be a requirement for being in a forward-moving band.”
A student of business himself, Dalakian teamed up with close friend Matt DeBenedetti (Toy Cars) to breathe life into the vision that is now Little Game Records