The Magic Fountain – ‘The Magic Fountain LP’ Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

The Magic Fountain roar with lo-fi punk broadcasts of emotional music and passion. The duo, consisting of Tom Lizo and P.J. Larocco, possess a spirit consistent with most lo-fi rock, writing music for themselves in a familiar way, well sort of. After coming out as a genderqueer and abandoning (surviving) an abusive relationship, Lizo has had quite the year. Now, The Magic Fountain LP is the stream of conscious channeling all of the frustration and newfound identity into one beautiful project. What now transcends the record are gritty recordings with upbeat tempos and unforgettable melodies.

Maybe it’s the short fuse of “Bikini Kill Bill” or the blistering openness of “They,” or maybe everything works in the bands favor of accessing a higher power of music. The formula is rather simple, but the arrangements transform into eclectic, battery charged anthems made stronger by the band’s tight playing. Weaving melodious riffs into booming guitar chords, Lizo keeps the songs interesting with dynamic structures in every composition. The vocal performance is equally as impressive, with the delivery being very quick and to the point; albeit the point is often verbose and full of intense urgency. For example, “Bikini Kill Bill” is a riot of strained vocals twisting around intricate drum lines. “I’m sick of being so alone, but all I’m going to do is bitch and moan about it,” shouts Lizo, whaling through the syllables of ‘alone’ in a tasteful fashion. It’s both refreshing and exciting to hear the blatant honesty in The Magic Fountain. 

Claiming that this was all of their life’s work, it’s easy to establish a deep connection to the LP. A few songs are more polished and less gritty, like the ballad “Song For Dong Island” (even the song titles are free and without any care of your judgement). “Mermaids Are Real” is short, catchy and features sludgy, bending guitars bellowing behind the chords. There was a lot of care that went into The Magic Fountain LP and one can hear it. And while “Hatemale Pt. 1” was a sloshy, glittery tune swelling left and right, the closer, “Hatemale Pt. 2” is moody perfection. It’s that walk home at the end of a giant bar binge when all of the emotions are at the surface and on the edge of pouring out. Lizo’s voice is near the breaking point, and it’s valuable to both themselves as a human being and us as a listener to hear every twist and bend that Lizo has had to go through in order to create this record. Knowing this, make sure to check out this record. It’s eye opening and it’s heart pouring, and in all honesty, it’s one of the catchiest things I have listened to this year. 

Score: 8.25/10

The Magic Fountain LP was released through Flower Jar Media on March 4th.