Hiding Out – Vena Cava EP Premiere

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Somber yet attentive, Hiding Out are drifting through the air with their newest EP Vena Cava. Drenched in soft musical motifs, the quartet cut through the spacey vibes with vocal melodies reminiscent of pop punk cries. The harmonies together clash well within the audio space, giving the three songs a reason to be crying out. The fourth (3rd in the tracklist), “Vena Cava” is an ambient gaze into the void. It’s a cast that gently punctures the ears with droning synths and piano lines. It builds up to the reflective closing track, “Ghosts In The Backseat.” Oddly enough, the opening lyrics spell out my thoughts exactly, “I sit, staring at a void.” Listen to Vena Cava below, and be sure to check Hiding Out headlining tonight in New York City at The Bitter End for The Aquarian Magazine.