HEAVYCRAFT – ‘Invader’ Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Crashing through the skies like a mothership landing on our planet, HEAVYCRAFT have landed. Forming out of the rock band Helforstout, the group created their first record Invader and boy could their music ever be so contagious. Like a foreign parasite attacking the ear, the songs possess a natural aura to them that leave the melodies stuck in my head after listening. 

I’ve heard from different people that Rock N’ Roll is dead. But Heavycraft are countering that statement with their own musical argument. The opening tune comes pounding jams into your head as if you were being probed by a giant musical alien. “I’m all alone in parts unknown again,” is an easy lyric to associate with the tone of Invader

The band resonate with grooves that start with boisterous guitar riffs. Each heavy riff clashes with the drums in the perfect way, as if coming from a jam in your basement. This is exactly the recipe of “Over The Edge.” The drum rolls are energetic, backdropping the syncopation found in the bass and guitar lines. The vocals are chopping through the instrumentals with power. “I’m going over the edge, nothing to tether me down,” is rung out in the chorus. I feel that is the exact line that captures Heavycraft perfectly. The dynamic changes in their structures offer nothing but head bangs and good times to be had. The shortest song offered on Invader has a refrain full of vocals to latch onto, especially with the backing vocals ringing out above the calm metaphorical lines. “Turning Screws” is the feel good, short anthem to get the blood pumping. 

Invader is a rock record through and through. It rushes with adrenaline through the bouncy atmosphere that HEAVYCRAFT instill in their music. “Rolling Stoned” features crafty stop and go progressions behind the belting vocals. “Don’t Wait” is a bit more sludgy in tone, breaking through the mix with stoner vibes. For a first release, this is a phenomenal throwback to the classics while holding its own against the multitude of releases, much like an alien craft landing in a new, already settled world.

Score: 8.2/10

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