Stars Hollow – I’m Really Not That Upset About It Premiere

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

I’ve been raving about this EP since I heard the first single and now, I bring you the entire I’m Really Not That Upset About It. Stars Hollow is an emo band out of Ames, Iowa who have put their entire heart into the five tracks that pierce the ears with urgent vocals and wiry guitars. Possessing guitar licks similar to Glocca Morra and the desperation from old Pianos Become The Teeth, the emo genre is shifting around clean guitars that present themselves in a heavy way. The rhythm section packs a punch behind the sliding guitars with bellowing bass grooves and booming drum patterns. “Embarrassed” kicks the whole record off with the perfect mix of rather frantic happenings between the band. “Cloud Envy” ties their sound together with potent lyrics that deal with failures of life. Everything wraps around Stars Hollow’s clever use of syncopation to bleed their hearts into the music. It’s one hell of an EP, out through Sorry Dad Records on Cassette. Out 3/28/16.

photo by Andrew Ferren