Beauty In The Breakdown – ‘On My Way To Die’ Premiere

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Electronic music with a twist of indie, Beauty In The Breakdown possess catchy hooks with booming synths, pulsing away behind Chastity Ashley’s commanding voice. She sheds her heart into the track and the outpour is a reflective, emotive stance on viewing how far one has come while in a state of growth. An acoustic guitar softly hums behind Ashley and the warm synths. The track is the first single from the upcoming EP, Neon, due out May 20th. Enough from me, listen to the track below and feel yourself start humming along the refrain by the final time it comes around, what a catchy tune it is.

“On My Way To Die” relates to where I grew up, which was a difficult environment to grow up in because at many times it felt so hopeless and I felt somewhat trapped. (Northeast LA was riddled with gang violence and poverty) It felt as if it was never going to get better…. like a vicious cycle that would never end. Yet, I still felt empowered to keep going because I had hope and a desire to have a better tomorrow. And through this strength and continuous effort I was able to realize that the part of us that holds us back from growing is fear. And that the fear had to die, so in part, that fearful part of me had to die so that I could transform. And once I buried that old part of myself that kept me from being true, it then set me free to be my authentic self and allowed me to manifest anything my heart desired. – Chastity Ashley