House Olympics – ‘Nothing Feels Better Than Feeling Better’

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Putting the big questions into their lyrics, House Olympics are not afraid of revealing their true selves. The record opens with a clash of drums and guitars before harsh, gut wrenching vocals cut through the melody with a biting opening, “Are you depressed, or do you just want to be? So we can finally have something to share. Am I sick, or just perceived to be? Because I haven’t felt normal since spring.” The urgency and desperation in the lines are powered by raw emotion and an even more raw delivery. This is just a preview of what the record will unveil, and that’s just the opener, “Laugh Track” (cleverly titled). 

Possessing a stunning audible similarity to Touche Amore, Nothing Feels Better Than Feeling Better skyrockets to a genre lying between screamo and post-hardcore. House Olympics hail from Bloomington, Indiana and are another great fuel to the midwest emo. The entire EP features their proficiency in blistering progressions, utilizing distorted guitars and wretched sounding screams backed by intricate drum work. This is not the only sound the band knows how to hone their skills through, possessing incredible post-rock daze a few times through the audible chaos as well. Check the ending of “When You Stop Doing Things, You’re Dead,” for example. The guitar leads swell behind the bold dynamics, enhancing the climax and collapse of the song. The beginning of the song is a visceral outpour of guttural screams and rampant instrumentals. 

“Running With Blade Arms” ends in a diluted breakdown that detonates after a soft instrumental section. The vocal delivery is gigantic, soaring above with vigor and a dire need to get the words out. In just a few short minutes, Nothing Feels Better Than Feeling Better left me emotionally charged and amped. House Olympics need to be heard and they showcase that in their newest EP, out now, with vinyl coming soon via Paperweight Records and Bad Break Records later this spring.

Score: 8/10