Vundabar at the Mantua Yacht Club

Posted: by Emily Dubin

Boston natives Vundabar hit the popular West Philly house Mantua Yacht Club on January 29th alongside No Stranger, Nark, OhBree, and Howlish for a night of indie rock pop fuzz FUN. Basements are tough to get to the front with a camera sometimes, but I was lucky to hang in the corner for the entirety of Vundabar’s set, and since it was the first time I’d seen them, I didn’t plan on moving regardless. Poppy and jangly with an energy that keeps a crowd going, Vundabar puts on a carefree and goofy show while still being backed by the true talent of real musicians. A real treat, I hope I can catch them again soon.

photos by Emily Dubin