The Magic Fountain – “They” Song Premiere

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Feeling alienated these days is easy. With plenty of ways to live a human life, not one is considered the most “normal” or “forward” anymore. Yet still there are individuals who have this simple constructed view. “They,” the new single from The Magic Fountain, expresses the discomfort of just that. Rivaling normality armed with lightly distorted guitar chords and a thumping bass line, vocalist Tom Lizo packs a mighty heart into the song about coming out as genderqueer. With P.J. LaRocco bringing intense and upbeat rhythms on the drum kit, the song is a banging tune with enough of a spark to keep eyes focused on what they will do next. “Rest in pieces, your god given right. Right? You’re always right,” cries Lizo as the song spirals into a gut punching instrumental. The lyrics express the anger in seeing and feeling discrimination while trying to find resolve as well. Their debut LP is set to March 1st, 2016 via Flower Jar Media. Listen to “They” below.

“They” is written from the point of view of someone who had recently come out as queer and non-binary (surprise, it’s me) and breaks down the frustration I had when encountering the less welcoming pockets of the queer community. – Tom