Can’t Swim – ‘Death Deserves A Name’ Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

New Jersey’s Can’t Swim have been brewing a storm of music and now, with Death Deserves A Name, the young group can start their destruction. I was blown away on how this release went under my nose the past week, until I listened and it threw me an uppercut and I’ve been in love since. The trio possess plenty of attitude that crashes through the thunderous music they play. Death Deserves A Name is five tunes written by three guys with nothing standing in their way because they knocked it down with their crushing music.

The hooks across this EP rival PVRIS for their catchy presence, involving a natural rasp and emotion that showcase the ambition Can’t Swim have in their sound. Even as “Your Clothes” starts off rather booming and nonchalantly, it forms into the most infectious and consistent chorus here. I write that and I am not sure I can back that statement, with “Come Home” possessing just as poppy of a refrain made easier to remember by the syncopated guitar chords emphasizing the beat and melody. 

I enjoy the fact that Can’t Swim don’t market their sound near the same realm as the pretty boys of pop-punk, instead relying on grungy sounding guitars with fuzzy riffs. “Your Clothes” has a thumping bass line that shows how prominent the instrument is and remains throughout the rest of the EP. Each song is made thick by all the distortion, allowing for the drums to power through with intricate patterns to make the beat more interesting. 

Needless to say, for five songs, Can’t Swim offer quick, to the point tracks that are abrasive enough to feel raunchy but sweet enough to sing along to on Death Deserves A Name

Score: 7.5/10