Quarrels – ‘Admit’ Premiere

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Math rock, when mixed with other musical styles, is an incredibly vibrant genre. Quarrels makes sure to keep their music lively with their fluttering guitars, spiraling riffs and licks at mezmerizing speeds. The Massachusetts quartet is releasing Admit, an eight song release meshing emo, post-rock, punk and math rock together. Often a song will be upbeat and incredibly technical, building to bursts of energy that propel the song in an entirely new direction. The vocals are raw and wiry, expressing plenty of emotion. 

Whether it is the poppier “Angling” or the reflective “Godsend,” the group keep their music vast and interesting. The group is extremely tight in their performance, spinning through progressions often and giving their all in every track. Don’t sleep on this, Quarrels are here and unleashing a storm. Pick up a physical copy on their bandcamp.