Prima Vera – ‘Floral Media’ EP Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

The amount of sass that is displayed from Detroit’s Prima Vera tonally matches Say Anything in terms of being cynical. “Where is the art? Where is the originality. Stop trying to be so predictable and start saying things that fucking matter,” is the opening lyric, being sung over a bouncy piano rhythm that toes the line of sounding too sarcastic. It’s a bold to start off Floral Media by calling out the entire industry, but at least the group admits they have been unoriginal and without urgency before. Everything is supposed to change from here though, as the song becomes an anthemic and somewhat operatic indie tune.

The next track, “Instigator” is dark and lead by blues/jazz rather than upbeat rhythms. An acoustic guitar strums chords that sound deeper than they are, posing as the background of the entire tune. Bryan Iglesias’ vocal patterns are courageous and confident, shifting from a powerful, natural mid range to cooing falsettos with ease. His command on his vocal box allows for more dynamics to take place on Floral Media. This is showcased throughout and further emphasized by closer, “Old Tvs And Memories.” The extended metaphor here takes being left by a significant other and scopes it to being left in a thrift store. The track possess a lot of sentiment through the lyrics – striking in a way that everyone can take something from it – and the music, feeling familiarly emo circa early 2000s. 

Floral Media is fun and presented as such. Not worrying too much about being taken seriously, aside from telling people to start saying things that matter, Prima Vera offer nine minutes of simple tunes.

Score: 7/10