Dariustx Interview – Horror Film Composer and Folk Artist

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

A few months ago we reviewed Old 37, a horror movie starring Bill Moseley and Hane Hodder. The film was short and to the point with an understandable narrative that was stolen by Hodder and Moseley. Watching the film again (after my roommate pointed out my brightness on my T.V. was not set up correctly) and it’s a small time flick that’s quick to kill off characters in a fast paced manner. The music was composed by Darius Holbert, the same man behind the folk project Dariustx. The Alternative had a chance to chat with the music sensation about the set of Old 37 and his latest album, DARIUSTX V. The Angels of Goliad.

DARIUSTX, welcome to the Alternative, how are you doing?

100% peachy!

You just released yet another album – DARIUSTX V. The Angels of Goliad, how has the reception been?

The reception has been amazing.  It seems to really resonate with folks, and the media reception has been stellar too.

Is there a special preparation you have in changing from the folk-narrated story of DARIUSTX to composing a horror film?

Nah, as my old grandpappy used to say, “good music is good music.” (He never really said that)  I love switching gears in between musical styles and I’m lucky enough to have a job that lets me do that a ton.

Did you get a chance to meet with Bill Moseley? As a self claimed horror film entrepreneur I think he has one of the distinctive creepy guy personas in film.

I met Bill very briefly and he was mighty creepy!  I was on set a couple of times – I actually have a quick cameo in Old 37 as a paramedic in the flashback scenes. (Nobody is really talking Oscar® for me *yet* but I’m hearing People’s Choice nods.)  I got to spend some time with Kane too and he was a total badass and a really nice guy.

As I understand, DARIUSTX albums all follow one cohesive story, would you mind filling everyone in?

Well, not so much a story, per se, but they do all have themes and a specific ‘sound’ that I shoot for.  This new album DARIUSTX V. The Angels of Goliad (which came out Dec 11) is all about being offered redemption and wrestling with accepting redemption.  As far as the sound of this one, I leaned much more heavily on my Texas and Louisiana roots.  

What are the plans for 2016? Any secret projects you can tell us about?

2016 is busy already. I’m cranking up a new doc with Mark Covino, the director of A Band Called Death which looks kickass.  We’ll probably do a little touring around this new record too, so look for us in your hometown!  You can find me on twitter and FB as “dariustx” and “Composer Darius Holbert” – let’s be online buddies!

Last words?

I never used an adverb successfully. 

(editor’s note: clever there, Darius, very clever.)