Dikembe Demo Premiere!

Posted: by Henderson

Check out this new demo from Dikembe! After their sweet Ledge EP (our winner for best Non-LP in 2015) they’ve been doing some retooling and writing, and I’m stoked for what’s coming.

The group is known for their emotionally charged tunes laced with dazzling guitar arpeggios weaving behind pounding rhythms. Their intelligent use of dynamics allows songs to twist and turn like a coil until the breaking point when all the energy is unleashed. After plenty of cool EPs and a few very solid albums, it’s safe to say that Dikembe has established themselves as leaders in the genre, and I am confident they are up to any challenges that their reshuffling might bring on.  “Shelf” is just a preview of what’s to come, and it finds Steven Gray monologuing with his guitar. Take a listen to this demo and let the visions of awesome new Dikembe tunes in 2016 float through your mind.

If you live down South you get an extra treat because they’ll be testing out this new material during a Florida tour listed below.