Frameworks – “Time Spent” Review

Posted: by Nick

Gainesville Florida’s Frameworks have proven themselves, time and again, as one of the most exciting and relentless acts in hardcore today. Their seamless blend of melodic screamo with lush and often moving post-rock distinguish them from their peers. Their music is big, unreserved, and – as these two songs prove – increasingly artful.

2013’s Loom was a walk through territory that was often more punishing than the band’s more shimmering work on the Small Victories EP, but showed Frameworks to be a group that would not sit still, thanks to the incredibly strong musical voice they so quickly established. 

Time Spent comes ahead of the band’s anticipated follow-up and is everything a fan of this band could ask for – especially if their more soaring, epic tunes are among your favorites. Not only do these two tracks see Frameworks return to a more polished production that won over so many early on, but equally draw from the more meditative structural moments of Loom.

This is not to say that nothing new is happening here. In fact Frameworks have expanded their sound to include new electronic textures that, rather than call attention to themselves, act as yet another beam of support for their ornamental yet authentic sound. Indie rock rhythmic structures and shimmering guitars are pushed to the limit, both accessible and savage in their attack. Luke Pate’s voice is as unrelenting as ever, while his lyrics are more evocative and thoughtful. “Is it the hallowed chase for thrill that still curbs you, or empty space left to fill that still tolls you?” Lines like these, requiring a closer reading of each anguished cry, bring needed depth to these songs – lending them a layer of awareness beneath their ferocity.

Time Spent is worth every fleeting moment. Newcomers will find an open door into this band’s growing catalogue, while steady fans of this group will have much to enjoy in this brief but engaging 7”, as well as more reason to follow this group as they continue to reinvigorate an oft-stalled genre.

Score: 8/10

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