ManDancing Is A Band You Should Be Watching

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

ManDancing might not be a common name to hear in a conversation about rising artists, but by all means it should be. The group, fronted by Steve Kelly, is emotionally invested in showing the darkest parts of the heart. “I don’t want to commit suicide, but things can become really dark sometimes,” Kelly sings on newest single “broken.” He later reconciles that every morning he wakes up he is trying to be grateful for his life. It’s honest and believable, channeling what plenty of people go through while wandering in the dark. Sound wise, ManDancing bring to mind any Andy Hull project mixed with Death Cab For Cutie. The song has plenty of savory moments thanks to Kelly’s ability to build enough tension that requires an even more of a release. And when the release hits, it’s big. The upcoming full length Everyone Else was brought to life by Ben Petty is out January 26th and everyone should have that date marked to listen to ManDancing.

The single is pay what you want on bandcamp.