Artist Spotlight: Pavonine Packaging

Posted: by Henderson

Pavonine Packaging’s founder, Brittany Gannon, is more than just someone who makes the packaging for bands’ albums. She is an artist. Ever since I saw her first release about a year ago, I have been entranced by her workmanship and creativity. No releases look like hers, and no two of her releases look alike! She has a unique ability to do something special for every band she works with. She did a great job on packaging for multiple All Sounds’ releases, and now she’s even started printing tee shirts. Her talent is entrancing. That is why I was estactic when I found out she created an AWESOME time lapse video while making some packaging for the recent Old Soul release featuring music from  Haybaby. Check it out below!

Wasn’t that cool? I have included some of my favorite Pavonine’s releases below but you can check out even more on their website and Facebook. Definitely be sure to keep a look out for their future work.