Ramming Speed – ‘No Epitaphs’ Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

I’m not even sure how many readers for The Alternative enjoy breakneck metal jams. For those that do, this one is for you, hell anyone that reads these few paragraphs needs to find a way to stream No Epitaphs. This is Ramming Speed’s third full length being released from Prosthetic Records, and it is relentless as ever. 

Opener ‘No Forgiveness In Death’ takes hold of your ears and spends four and a half minutes sonically explaining it’s purpose and by extent how the album will play out. The thrash metal vibes are reminiscent to acts such as NortherShadows Fall, and Kalmah. Across the album, one will find exquisite riffs matching even more tasteful drum patterns. The full three course meal is here and found in a track like ‘Beasts Of Labor.’ The opening fractures the senses before excessively continuing with its harsh battering and frightening pace. ‘Super Duty’ sounds like an 80s thrash song brought to a modern light with excellent mixing and production qualities. 

Oh, it’s not heavy enough for you” Thankfully ‘This Is The Life We Choose’ is on the album, huh? The pace is exponentially fast, with the drummer leading the charge out the gate. It loses this ambivalence but makes up for it with a fiery guitar solo. Don’t worry, ‘No Truth To Power’ keeps true with blastbeats and grind structured destructive pulses. ‘Momentary Masters’ closes the album with power, harmony and true to the roots metal. The ending feedback is haunting with the vocals torturously ringing through the shrills.

Ramming Speed is an excitement to the community of metal. While nowhere near being pioneers or revolutionizing the genre, they offer their best talents to a frantic genre with plenty of passion backed into it. No Epitaphs is an album that blasts through ears in 35 minutes without ever taking a breath. Also, the album was recorded at GodCity Studio, so you know it’s an absolute banger.

Score: 7.75/10