Madison’s Top 5 Picks For September

Posted: by The Editor

As we head into September, it’s time to trade in the long summer days for the early, brisk nights of fall.  The shift in weather also marks a shift in my music library as I stray away from bright, upbeat pop for something slower, more organic, and sometimes brooding.  There’s been a couple new albums released in the past few weeks that I’ll definitely be spinning all fall, in addition to some older favorites that seem to withstand the seasonal fads of pumpkin-spiced whatever.  Check out my Top 5 Picks for September below, and be sure to let us know what your favorite fall albums are.

1.       Teen Daze – Morning World (2015)

Released just weeks ago, this album is the perfect segue from shimmery summer electronic pop to low key synth jams to play during the final hot afternoons in late summer.  Jamison, the mind behind Teen Daze from British Columbia, recorded his latest album with John Vanderslice and Simon Bridgefoot at San Francisco’s Tiny Telepone, an all-analog studio.  With the incorporation of strings and crisp live percussion, the album is flows effortlessly from track to track.  While tracks such as “It Starts at the Water” and “Pink” are stick out on their own, the album is best digested as a whole.

2.       mewithoutYou – Pale Horses (2015)

Although mewithoutYou released their 6th album in the beginning of summer, the subtle industrial elements make this album more fitting for a cool autumn night.  For a band that is viewed as a trendsetter in their genre, Pale Horses continues to solidify that title as all eleven tracks are interesting and cohesive without sounding repetitive.  Become acquainted with this incredible album now and gear up for mewithouYou’s full US fall tour, beginning in late October.

3.       Born Without Bones –  Baby (2013)

­­The Milford, MA rock outfit offers the catchy songs to scream along to while lamenting the imminent end of your summer fling.  Between the guitar tones and Scott Ayotte’s crooning, the album comes off smooth despite the overall heartbroken lyricism and sometimes rough vocals.  Born Without Bones takes a step back for the stripped down title track/album closer, hitting just the right combination of nostalgia and devastation to end of the album on the best song of their career thus far.

4.       Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss (2015)

In her fifth full-length album, Chelsea Wolfe creates a sound that’s darker and heavier than ever before.  As a whole, the album is cinematic and striking.  However, each track progresses and changes from start to finish individually.  Even if this album channels some inner doom that you might find more appropriate for Halloween, the opening track “Carrion Flowers” is an undeniable banger.

5.       Everyone Everywhere – Everyone Everywhere (2012)

I am always looking for albums to blast in my car with my windows down on beautiful days.  As September 1st of this year came to a close and I was driving home from work, I went for this album although I probably haven’t listened to it in months.  Is there any better way to transition into fall than one of those jangly emo albums that sounds so upbeat that you almost forget you’re sad? Well, probably.  But for all us emo kids, the Philadelphia band’s 2012 release seems just right.