The Somber Sounds Of Fall

Posted: by Mitch

Fall is here and for me that means the beginning of a few things- strong, hot coffee, argyle sweaters, bonfires, but most of all, sad music. My feelings change with the seasons, and while autumn is my favorite, there’s something about the weather and overall atmosphere that makes me feel a bit detached from my surroundings. With that in mind, I’ve started to develop a list of my favorite sad tunes that are perfect for lonely walks home across sidewalks strewn with dead leaves. More to come, but here’s a good start:

‘Xanny Bar’ by Porches

“I couldn’t help from noticing you across the bar. Hello I’m Ronnie, and I’m falling apart.”

Porches has become one of my all time favorite bands over the years. The project is the brainchild of Aaron Maine, who up until recently drummed for Frankie Cosmos and is a part of the Brooklyn based collective The Epoch. Their song ‘Xanny Bar’ is a melancholy, twangy solo track off the album Slow Dance in the Cosmos, and is sure to give any listener the feels.

Check out Aaron Maine performing the song at a session with Out of Town Films (my favorite version):


‘Noccalula’ by Waxahatchee

“Say what you’re thinking. I’m watching thoughts dance around in your head. You’ll let me down easy or you’ll beg for my empathy.” 

A track from American Weekend, an album recorded by Katie Crutchfield (singer/ song writer of the band) in the bedroom of her family home, ‘Noccalula’ is a heartfelt song about lost love, letting go, and moving away. Since the release of “American Weekend,” (her first album), Waxahatchee has gained much deserved international attention and has put out several other very successful releases. 


‘The Garden’ by All Dogs

“The is a flower inside me when you speak. I won’t be coming back for weeks and weeks. Don’t be surprised if there’s something gone from me.”

Hailing from my home state of Ohio, All Dogs just put out a record that is an obvious contender for Album of the Year. Their debut LP Kicking Everyday, was just recently put out by Salinas Records (Swearin’, Radiator Hospital) and while it emulates the power pop/ punk vibe of their past releases, it takes a bit of an emotive and dark turn. The last track, ‘The Garden,’ is a stripped down solo tune by singer Maryn Jones that haunts the listener with themes of self destruction and loneliness. 


‘Size of the Moon’ and ‘Need’ by Pinegrove

“Do you want to die? Fine, you’re right, but I wonder what it feels like to stop feeling so alive.” 

“I drank too much. She thinks I think too much. What do I need that’s not a part of me?” 

I discovered Pinegrove a few years ago after a friend of mine booked them to play at my house. Often billing themselves as “Language Arts Rock,” the New Jersey 5-piece puts on one of the best live shows I have ever seen, and every song they release seems to be a hit. Their front man, Evan Stephens Hall, is undoubtedly a songwriting prodigy, which vividly comes across in these tracks.


‘Life Time Warranty’ by Cyberbully Mom Club

“Is my vision getting clearer now that I can barely see? Is it crazy these nights wishin’ that you only wanted me?”

After hearing months of hype about some Philly-based bedroom pop band with an odd but memorable name, I finally gave in and listened to Cyberbully Mom Club on an extensive, lonely drive home in the dark. Sheri Heck, the mastermind behind the name and the lo-fi tracks, has become a well-known figure in the Philadelphia DIY scene, as she seems to have a hand in various musical projects around town (most recently- ÓOR). ‘Life Time Warranty,’ my favorite Heck tune to date, is a catchy yet simplistic song about truly just wanting to make a significant other happy.