The Flux Machine Interview

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

The Flux Machine is an alt-rock band from New York. Their newest LP, Louder was just released earlier this year. The group focus on creating head bopping beats with an alternative tinged tone. The Alternative were lucky enough to chat with them as they are getting prepared for what the rest of the year has in store for them. P.S. they are insanely witty characters.

The Flux Machine, welcome to The Alternative, how are you guys doing today?

Luis Accorsi: I’m excellent. In Switzerland now, returning to NYC for a busy, busy Flux Machine month. Two gigs a week, new video for “Louder!”. Living the dream!

Raphael: Doing great! In the studio at the moment.

Your sound is characterized by angst, but it’s insanely catchy, is that what you were going for?

Luis: I provide the angst, Raphy keeps me out of the asylum. Amazingly intuitive human with more chops than a BBQ pit somewhere down in Tennessee.

Raphael: Thanks! I think it’s important to put some familiar things in the music to drive the point home. That’s when the “catchy” element comes into play. Most of the time it comes on it’s own.

What inspires the almost dance pop influences?

Luis: We got ants in our pants and we need to dance. Nothing like a perfect backbeat to make you feel alive!

Raphael: Growing up in the 90s!

Have you guys ever heard of Beautiful Bodies? Both of your guys’ sound would be incredible together, just saying.

Luis: I pretty much live in a cocoon, ask Raphael. Growing up in Venezuela a bit ago, it was not so common to hear rock music, so I’m honestly limited, and that narrows my focus, to my advantage I believe.

Raphael: I just looked them up, sounds great! If you guys are reading this, we want in!

How did the writing process for Louder go?

Luis: Plain ole attitude and the necessity to be heard above the din of reality. Raphy had a cap on, it said “LOUD”. My rasta son told me its a reference for kush, that makes me happy! 

Raphael: The process was continuous and honest. We started punk rock and drifted across a whole spectrum of styles. We worked nonstop for 8 months doing this record and we’re very happy with it! It defines what The Flux Machine is right now.

What is your favorite song to play live?

Luis: ‘Believe,’ ‘Louder!,’ honestly all of them.

Raphael: Mmm… probably ‘How It’s Gonna Be’

Being from New York, I am sure you have quite the taste for Pizza. What are your favorite toppings?

Luis: I’m originally from Bologna, Italy so I like “formaggio bianco e algio”.

Raphael: Luis just got me into this pizza called “Parma” from a place called Posto. It’s basically a bacon pizza. It’s awesome!

Favorite release from this year?

Luis: Keith Richards new album

Raphael: Definitely the new Bring Me The Horizon record.

What are your rest of the year plans?

Luis: Work till we drop, as the lyrics for “Jack, Jim & Johnny” go..”Don’t wanna know, don’t wanna learn, don’t need to fit in your stupid mold!”

Raphael: Our focus is promoting the album. We’re doing two more videos and playing as many shows as we possibly can.

Any last words?

Luis: We appreciate all the love were receiving from the bottom of our hearts. We want to create music that will impact the future of rock n roll, and we are determined to earn the respect of true music connoisseurs. Thank you very very much for granting us this interview..