Black Wing – ‘…Is Doomed’ Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

The mystique surrounding Black Wing‘s newest release follows what could be marked as a horrific tragedy in mastermind Dan Barrett’s (Have A Nice Life) life. The atmosphere and motifs are created entirely by digital instruments, rivaling the month Barrett spent strapped to machines signaling his daily task of staying alive. In that sense, it makes sense for …Is Doomed to come off with an agonizing mood. 

‘Luther’ opens the album with a graceful sweeping range of synths, given extra character by the dancing beeps. It’s hectic in the sense of having a lot of noises being thrown around at once, mixed in a way that feels like it’s breathing and alive. The titular title ‘Black Wing’ is marked by blasting pulses, producing a synthetic heartbeat effect as Barrett’s vocals are wispy in approach. One can’t help but feel the sorrow entrenched in Barrett’s voice, almost wishing for the agony to leave him. ‘My Body Betrayed Me’ is frantic, showcasing how one can feel approaching the sensation of death. The arpeggiated synths almost have this embedded hope in their dazzling sound, but one cannot help but feel the weight of the situation, with the lines, “if I feel something, my body betrayed me.” 

Ever had death himself knocking on your door? I’m pretty sure ‘If I Let Him In’ is the horror driven sonic embodiment of what that would sound like, complete with gaze driven synths and a mess of ambience not allowing the track to have a calm feel. The beat even feels like a knock on the door, warranting that small glimpse of wonder at who is trying to get in, or even the sheer fear of not knowing who is there. It’s the same kind of unknown fear that is brought to life in ‘Unemployment.’ The sound is an ever growing drone of terrifying static, forced to find a way to survive, to continue. 

Black Wing is an ambitious digital release from a place that many of us never want to find ourselves connecting with. That is what makes the aura of …Is Doomed welcoming in the madness of it all. The seven tracks created from the mind of Dan Barrett are inspiring, really giving listeners just a glimpse of what beauty digital instruments have to offer. The album is being released September, 25th from Flenser Records.

Score: 7.67/10 

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