Jep Roadie – ‘Let’s Find Heaven’

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

In July, Jep Roadie released ‘Static In My Headphones’, an immersive tune filled with potent lyrical content about polarizing issues of the world. The artist is back with a brand new single, ‘Let’s Find Heaven.’ Somber pianos lead the way for Roadie’s stream of conscience to expel everything on his mind about being conscious about what life might lead to. Per Roadie’s character, he explained where his head was while writing the track in a cohesive way, so here is the track, take a listen; his music offers a lot of peace that everyone should be finding. 

“Last week, I fainted due to the high blood pressure pill I was taking. Not to mention the panic attack that I was having. At that moment, I realized how quick everything can disappear. Everything faded to black, just as fast as I could say “Dad, I am going to pass out”. Sh*t was scary. Having anxiety makes that situation even worse. Everyday since, every minute, I have been just awaiting that feeling. I have been expecting to faint, I have been terrified that I am going to. I haven’t. Since then, I recorded this song. Basically, for my own comfort. Granted, I know there are millions of people going through something way worse and I pray for them everyday.  Sometimes it is just good to know that God will see you through it. I will tell you this. Ever since that moment, I have been awakened. I have learned to become unafraid. Accepting the inevitable, if you will. I have learned who I really am, I think.  Your mind is a powerful thing. Use it the way God intended. This song is about finding the light when all you see is darkness. “

“[The Artwork] represents a doctor on a sofa, smoking a cigarette, and watching tv. The man has the head of a “plague doctor”. The plague doctors wore masks to avoid getting the bubonic plague back in the day. I created the artwork because I feel like we trust doctors as if they are more than human. But they are just like us. After they leave the office, they are free to do whatever. They can make mistakes and they do. Trust your mind, body, and soul. You will always know what is best for you. You will feel it. Don’t leave your life in anyone else’s hands but God’s.’