Skinny Dip – ‘Sever’ EP Premiere

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Happy Friday! The Alternative is very pleased to be premiering the new EP, Sever, from Philly’s own Skinny Dip. The quartet take the bright and serene melodies of recent emo music and throw their own grungy mood on top. It can be heard immediately as you press play when ‘Conch’ is a tranquil beauty before being slain by buzzing guitars and whirling drums. With this burning love for dissonant parts comes the pop-punk angst that has fueled many bands to the top. It is taken to another level on closing track ‘Wasting Time,’ which finds raw, passionate vocals taking center stage and leading the EP to a catastrophic end. Sever is being released on September 22nd through Endless Bummer Records (which you can also pre-order the record from). 


photo credit to: Sydney Schaefer