Wil Bolton – ‘Inscriptions’ Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

It’s the time of the year when the leaves begin changing color, the wind starts having an extra bite to it’s howls and the Sun is losing the battle of how long it can maintain itself in the sky. The season begins as a calming embrace from the scorching heat of the past three months before leading head on into the next cruel season. Wil Bolton is a drone musical artist out of the UK who dedicated his entire new LP, Inscriptions, to the Autumnal season. 

Embedded in the warm synth sounds are actual recordings of the environment during the season. ‘Hedera’ is one track I could pick out the bird chirps more frequently among the peaceful static. When it came time for adding instruments to nature, Bolton used old instruments that had been buried in dust; having their own unique character and crackle to them. This tonal quality gives the piano more of an ominous presence, with each note having a lot of weight to ‘Hedera.’ 

‘Cathedral’ is a track featuring guitars and harps to take the moody tone into a more vibrant atmosphere. The song is again filled with warm analogue driven synths that help give the harps more presence, not becoming too much of a presence to drown everything out. ‘Seep’ is the same way, except being laced over with a consistent static that gives the environmental sounds more risk as they break through the barrier of music. It’s ethereal how everything sounds when it is layered together.

Inscriptions is a solid drone album considering the concept of the record. Being released at the advent of the season helps set the mood even more. The release is being distributed through DRONARIVM, an established drone record label out of Moscow. Wil Bolton is only their latest release of exceptionally well crafted albums. 

Score: 7.5/10

Pick Up Inscriptions today! https://dronarivm.bandcamp.com/album/inscriptions