Doe Paoro Interview

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Doe Paoro is the next in line for emotionally driven art-pop music. She is a fortunate and free soul willing to share everything she has for the fans of music. Her debut album After will be released on September 25th via Anti Records. Her presence in the music world is depicted by her open world view on music. The Alternative had a chance to sit down with the folk-pop artist and discuss everything important about her upcoming freedom through music. To be honest, this is one enjoyable interview that transcended music for me, and included how important her philosophy was in establishing her album. 

Doe Paoro, welcome to The Alternative! How are you doing today?

Bit heat dazed but good spirits. California is having one of the hottest days of the year. 

Your new album, After is releasing to the world on September 25th, are you nervous?

For sure. But excited to share it — I’ve been living with these songs for a long time now. 

How did the writing process go, and how was actually sitting down and recording the album?

Writing process was sporadic, inspirational, nothing, slogging through a lot of nonsense to get to the point, getting to the point and realizing it was something entirely different than what I had originally thought, energizing, and then some. 

Recording the album took place in a few month long periods over 8 months in Wisconsin at Justin Vernon’s studio. I was very fortunate to have some incredible musicians and producers helping me make sense of the 40+ demos I brought there and paring it down to 10 songs. 

I kid you not, I just took a two mile walk listening to the album, the stars were out and it was just the right temperature. The eerie qualities mixed together in such a unique way with your delicate voice, how did you picture putting this album together in terms of textures and melodies; and how did the concept of After come together? 

I grew up with a very strong connection to nature, as did the two producers of the record — BJ Burton & Sean Carey- and we all wanted that to be reflected in the music. We recorded the album over the course of all 4 seasons, in a studio surrounded by woods, and I think you can hear the different times of year in different songs. I want my music to connect people to this earth; makes me happy to hear you were listening to it under the stars. 

After is a meditation on being in a mentality of “after” — which is to say: realizing that a phase in your life is over, but not yet seeing what is ahead — the place between two doors. In some ways, we are always in a place of “afterness” because something is always starting and another thing is always beginning, but we may perceive that in the more hopeful light of being present, or scheming about the future. This  collection of songs is about accepting something as over, and waiting for the next ship to come in. 

On ‘Nostalgia,’ you hauntingly remark, “Nostalgia is killing us,” where did that line come from, and what is your thought on your past then? Does it tie in with that idea of rewriting yourself as a musician?

Interesting regarding rewriting myself as a musician! I think it’s really a mantra to myself to be able to rewrite any part of myself — to accept that none of us are fixed beings and we can change and don’t need to feel tethered to hold on to whatever came before today. It’s frightening to do that — we are so attached to our beliefs, our stories, our idea of ourself — but I am giving myself permission these days to contradict the person I was a year ago if it means I get to receive a newer & kinder angle on the world.

How do you feel about the recent emergence of ambient gothic folk/art pop (for lack of a better term), like Cheslea Wolfe, Marriages, or even yourself?

I like that term, haven’t heard it before. I’m into all of it — the fact that we are making up new genres to describe new music because our old classifications no longer make sense for what people are creating. That feels expansive and fitting for the complexity of what it is to be human and what we need from music. 

You have traveled quite a few places around the world recently, what has been your favorite place to experience?

Ladakh, India

Favorite toppings to put on a pizza?

Spinach. Is that geeky?

Not one bit. Spinach is one of my personal favorite toppings. Favorite musical release of this year?

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-Love

What is up next for you as this year comes to a close?

Touring! I will be supporting the Givers on their East Coast tour in November and hopefully Europe in December.

Last words?

Be happy! 

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all photos credited to Rinny Perkins