6 Bands You Should Start Listening To:

Posted: by Henderson

The Obsessives

I am pretty sure this band is about to explode. After some solid EPs, The Obsessives are soon to release a debut LP on Near Mint records, and the singles from it so far have been excellent. They remind me of bands like Free Throw and Dikembe. Enticed yet?

Listen To: The first 2 singles from their new album. So cool.

Left and Right

LnR have brought their loud rock and roll meets old school (Archers of Loaf esque) pop punk from Virginia to Philly and nailed it on their most recent album, Five Year Plan. That LP had some great tracks and I’m encouraged by how much better it sounds live. They’re working on a new album this month and I’m looking forward to more of their silly yet serious vibe interlaced with their powerful instrumentals.

Listen To: Their last album, Five Year Plan, is very cool and this music video is a goodie.

In Writing

PA’s In Writing surprised me with their ability and songwriting on their first indie/emo EP a few years ago. Since then they’ve been working on a twinkly new EP that will certainly appeal to anyone who enjoyed the recent splash of great emotional rock. For fans of Sorority Noise, You Blew It or similar. Definitely check out their old stuff and get excited for their new songs coming later this month.

Listen To: While you wait for the EP, check out their old stuff on Bandcamp and get excited.

Low Spirit

Dark atmospheric punk rock, for fans of Citizen’s album Youth, Sainthood Reps, or Brand New. I really like their sound and they show some nice polish for a new band. It isn’t easy to stay this dark and gloomy and yet keep the listeners attention. Nice jabby guitar licks get it done, and the lyrics/vocals are solid throughout especially on the final track. Sometimes I feel like listening to something moody, when you’re feeling that vibe, check out their EP.

Listen To: Their new self-titled EP, which is out now.


ROMP have a very unique and fun sound. Melodic yet powerful female vocals over indie instrumentals. The impressive songwriting and sing along hooked on their last EP has me very excited about the future of the NJ band. They are somewhat similar to Hop Along and that is huge praise coming from me. Word on the tweets is they have new music on the way.

Listen: Their last EP, Sorry, Not Sorry, is what got me into this band.

Jacob Sigman

Jacob’s music has a poppy yet definitely retro sound. They sound like The Beatles and The Talking Heads filtered through the year 2015. Catchy yet complex, this is pop music I can get behind. I see tons of potential for the future of this project. Big things ahead.

Listen To: His new EP is great, especially the track ‘Shiloh’ which could have been on Sgt. Peppers