Make War – Self-Titled LP Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Make War is a trio from Brooklyn that formerly went by the name Sad And French. Before changing their name, the group was known for their acoustic punk style of writing music. After finding a drummer, the group decided to play their music with full force instead of wallowing behind their softer side. This not only lead to a change in writing style, but it has lead the band to aggressively interact with their music rather than just create misfortunate love songs.

Make War is a reimagining of Sad And French’s debut LP. Instead of bright and big sounding acoustic instruments we have stripped down and more raw electric guitars being charged by a brand new drum patterns. The tracks have had their order changed and it helps give the punk side of the album a bit more of an energetic boost. ‘Bloody Faces’ sounds vicious with it’s quick vocal assault. ‘Second Floor’ starts off with a dazzling harmonica before the warm sounds are ripped to shreds by quick guitar chords. Jose Prieto’s voice is still the same however, having a natural rasp to his tone which fits the new sound. He does not lose grip on any of his emotional prowess in his delivery either, still sounding near to tears on ‘Cheers To You.’ ‘When The Poison Flows’ is still an honest journal diary about letting the alcohol take over after that special person has left. Prieto lets his entire voice be heard as the song comes to a close, standing as the apex of the album, transforming into a beat down to cheers to.

All in all, Make War is an exciting reflection on a previous concept. Their self-titled debut from Black Numbers stands as a filler before new material is conceptualized. The band has a breath of fresh air to ride on now that their tunes are properly embellished.

Score: 7/10

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