Dogs On Acid – Self-Titled Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Dogs On Acid are still pretty new to the scene. Their music however, makes the supergroup seem like they are veterans of the indie/punk genre. Combining their numerous years of experience and connecting their similar play styles together, the quartet are releasing their self-titled LP via Jade Tree records on August 28th. 

Across the entirety of Dogs On Acid, there are no moments that feel out of place. The group took the route of playing what feels right rather than complicating their songs for no reason. This makes sure each song sticks to the point of it’s purpose, never really losing sight of the straight forward rhythms and distinct atmosphere. Lead single ‘The Prick’ discovers the 90s alt-indie rock vibe with stomping drums and a choked guitar solo packed together with pop driven guitar chords that are textured to be heavy. The vocals monotonously flow out of Peter Helmis’ stream of conscious, never really losing breath. Opener ‘Keep In Touch’ is an eerie track built by dissonant guitar leads and tripped out vocals. 

‘Sun Bleached’ vocal mixing is the definition of a trip. The vocals sound farther away than they are, almost warped through the pulsing instrumentals provided by the thick bass line. The way the quartet heavily favors the mid ranges of their tone can be a bit repetitive, but it’s never without a natural passion from the members. ‘Ideal Decanter’ has a more relaxed vocal delivery, sounding clear and reflecting nicely off yet another thick bass line being backed by spinning guitar leads and bright chords. This slight change in mixing adds to the variety of the album. Song structures rarely divert from the original layout, but it’s Dogs On Acid’s mastery of their sonic abilities that proves their longevity.

With Dogs On Acid, a young group of guys wrote ten catchy tunes with 90s premonitions but with modern power and honesty. The group showcases their knack of writing distinct hooks with plenty of instrumental features to garnish them with. The emotive and flavorful songs that Dogs On Acid has to offer rival with AdventuresRozwell Kid, and Diamound Youth as current bands to envision the revival of 20 years’ music in the past. Now we just have our voices to lose in singing along with.

Score: 8.5/10

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