Gatherers – ‘Quiet World’ Review

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Believe it or not, Melodic Hardcore can be an intriguing genre. All kinds of bands have their own ways to make their sound unique, but the formula has been stapled right in front of the groups since Modern Life Is War began changing how the underground assault bled through speakers years back. Gatherers is New jersey’s contribution to the genre, with their second full length album Quiet World being released through Equal Vision Records on July 31st.

The way ‘God Deluxe’ comes spewing from a gritty bass line sets up how the album will continue on for the next half hour. Extremely melodic guitar lines are driven without the typical walls of overly distorted guitar chords. Instead, the guitars boast bright melodies, contributing a contrast to the emotionally distraught vocals. The delivery of the lyrics are cathartic, often reaching audible breaking points straight from the heart of the voice box. Single ‘Ritual Flowers’ has by far the best example of the distress found in the vocals. Even when the harsh screams are exchanged for more clean singing, the timid and wiry notes are displaying pain and grief. ‘Tired Hands’ has a comedown section from the visceral screams where the entire emotional turmoil is stirred through a reflective bridge, slowly building back to a more energetic release.

The band has plenty of comparisons to draw between other acts in the genre. My Iron Lung, Manners, At The Drive In and Pianos Become The Teeth are all names that come to my mind upon listening to their more frantic paced material on Quiet World. The natural ambience and wrenching lyrical content brings the likes of Being As An Ocean to mind. The new vocalist Rich Weinberger brings a more vivid and urgent sound to the bands sound. ‘Modern Arts of the Hospice House’ showcases the dynamic range with biting, powerful lyrics. “We are all alone, fading together,” cries out Weinberger on ‘You Are Motel Royalty.’

Gatherers is a band with the right mindset and the spirited talent to continue thriving in the music industry. Closing tune ‘Songs For A Dead Banner’ is a riveting ending to a expressive album. The trauma being described through each song makes sure the song explodes and ends in shambles. Honestly, Quiet World isn’t a brand new addition to the scene. It offers an immersive experience of potent songs with a safe mix of 11 songs. To experience this album is to flake off the inner destructive nature of ourselves with music set score for our own war.

Score: 7.8/10